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Mix Ratio Designs

Different projects call for different mixes of concrete. Not sure which kind of mix ratio you need?
Here's our recommendation:

2500 PSI

Fence posts, post holes for pole barns, and rat slabs. 

3000 PSI

Residential sidewalk, footings, patios, steps, trash slabs, shed slabs, and pier pads.

3500 PSI

Commercial sidewalks, curbs, driveways, approaches, building footings, foundations, retaining walls, floor slabs, garage floors, hot tub pads and bond beams, grade beams, and areas with heavy loads.

4000 PSI

Heavy traffic pavement, such as shops, warehouses, RV slabs, and concrete footings designed for heavy loading.

5000 PSI

Driveways, roads, and specialized construction projects where high impact resistance, very low wear rates, or extreme conditions are expected. Very strong and durable.

6000 PSI or greater

Driveways, roads, dams, high-rise buildings, bridge decks, parking garages, specialized projects. Extremely strong and durable.